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European universities host outstanding libraries, archives, museums, collections and monuments of historic, scientific and artistic interest. This heritage embodies the universities’ 900-year contribution to the advancement of science and knowledge and is a major component of European identity and culture.

In order to raise awareness to the importance of university heritage,UNIVERSEUM, the European University Heritage Network, has established 18 November as European University Heritage Day. 

On this day, European universities celebrate their common cultural heritage through special activities, debates, conferences and access to their museums, collections and monuments. All events will be announced through UNIVERSEUM website.



18 November 2017

European Academic Heritage Day

The theme for 2017 is "Colonisers and colonised"

For 18 November 2017, Universeum encourages reflection and the development of initiatives around the theme “colonisers and colonised” in its broadest sense, opening up for a wide range of possibilities for public engagement.

Artefacts and documents in collections, if not entire collections and museums relate directly or indirectly to colonial enterprises. The accumulation, organisation and study of artefacts, narratives, data and representations from the colonies were central to projects to exploit and dominate the colonies intellectually, politically and economically. In the colonised regions, the establishment of universities, museums and archives became part of the colonising mission and the colonial state. As much as these collections and institutions meant to represent a colonial order, they developed a life of their own. The circulation and transformation of objects and knowledge systems frequently challenged and even contradicted the hierarchies between colonisers and colonised that they were built upon.




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