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18 November 2017

European Academic Heritage Day

The theme for 2017 is "Colonisers and colonised"

For 18 November 2017, Universeum encourages reflection and the development of initiatives around the theme “colonisers and colonised” in its broadest sense, opening up for a wide range of possibilities for public engagement.





Symposium "Universities: space, place and community"
University of Manchester 
13 September 2017 



XVIII Universeum Network Meeting

8-10 June 2017, University of Belgrade,Serbia

Call for paper (PDF)

Abstract template (Word)

Students travel grants - Announcement (PDF)




National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: 180 years of continuous function

6 May 2017
Press release



Sixth annual Scientiae conference

University of Padua

19-22 April 2017

Call for papers: http://scientiae.co.uk/scientiae-2017-call-for-papers/



UMIS/SUSCAG conference ‘Beyond the Lecture Theatre"

University of Aberdeen

26-27 January 2017

Call for papers (PDF)

Website http://www.abdn.ac.uk/events/beyondthelecturetheatre/



18 November 2016

European Academic Heritage Day

The theme for 2016 is “University Heritage at War”

2016 is located in the middle of the centenary commemoration of World War I in which many museums and universities are involved. This anniversary provides a context for a broader debate about universities, heritage and war through history. Current wars remind us that issues of heritage and war are not only of the past but equally important in the present. For the European University Heritage Day of 2016, UNIVERSEUM encourages reflection around the multifaceted theme of heritage and war, which includes issues such as collections used in and resulting from warfare, universities and university personnel and students involved in warfare and in peacekeeping, material evidence of war, war damage, commemoration of war at universities, collections and objects as war booty, war reparations, military surplus material, repatriation of heritage, and preservation of heritage in countries currently at war.

Announcement 2016  (PDF)



2nd International Conference on the History of Physics

Echophysics, Poellau Castle, Poellau

September 5–7, 2016



2016 UMAC Annual Conference

3-9 July 2016 

During the ICOM conference in MIlano 

Call for papers

1st Milano Press Release in French
1st Milano Press Release in English
1st Milano Press Release in Spanish


Professionnal workshop on sensible materials: human remains in collections

Colmar-Strasbourg, France

May 18-19, 2016

Program (PDF)

Online registration http://enquetes.ocim.fr/index.php/866115


New permanent exhibition

Natural History Museum

Opening on 16 January 2016

University of Tartu

Press release 




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