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Universeum’s Working Group for the Preservation of RHS is concerned with the study, conservation and interpretation of the heritage of science, technology and medicine produced after WWII.


Chair: : Roland Wittje, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Sam Alberti, National Museums of Scotland, email: S.Alberti@nms.ac.uk.


URHS Working Group Aims:

  1. to identify specific issues related to the preservation of RHS;
  2. to reflect on the preservation of documentation associated with RHS, particularly of digital and oral nature;
  3. to reflect on selection criteria;
  4. to compile worldwide best practices, policies and guidelines on the preservation, study, conservation and interpretation of RHS and make them available;
  5. to assemble a ‘toolkit’ of standard processes that can be used by universities;
  6. to stimulate collaborative research and teaching projects between universities and museums on RHS across Europe.


URHS Working Group Activities:

The kick-off meeting of the RHS Working Group happened in Trondheim, Norway, 16 June 2012.

The RHS Working Group meets at least once a year during the annual Universeum Network Meeting.

The RHS Working Group will seek to disseminate its activities and outcomes through Universeum and other scientific conferences, as well as through publications.

- 16 June 2012 Workshop Report (by Lydia Wilson) (PDF)

- Selection criteria for recent material heritage of science at universities (PDF)
Document by Universeum Working Group on Recent Heritage of Science, 17 January 2014

- 14 June 2014 Workshop Report (PDF)

- Minimum Requirements for Preservation and Access of Recent Heritage of Science (PDF)

- 12 June 2015 Workshop Report (PDF)

- Checklist for the preservation and access of recent heritage of science (PDF)
- Literature on recent heritage of science (PDF)   - Please contact Roland Wittje (roland.wittje@gmail.com) for additions to the list of references.

- 10 June 2016 Workshop Report (PDF)



Joining RHS Working Group:

If you are interested in joining the Working Group, please send an e-mail to: Roland Wittje, roland.wittje@gmail.com